Travel to America: even if you could, you shouldn’t


Two hundred years on, Australia is once again a prison island, except that this time it’s even hard to get in. For the outward travel, there is a general ban in place, unless one is granted an exemption (for example the national interest, essential for your work, or humanitarian). Whether this is actually constitutional is another question; certainly many state government restrictions have already been miraculously relaxed on the eve of court hearings.

Under a country arrest regime like this, the usual Foreign Ministry travel warnings seem a tad redundant, but here is the latest helpful suggestion:


There you have it – you can’t really travel anyway, but just in case:  do not travel to America. It’s a land of violence and pestilence (to be fair “do not travel” advice applies currently to every country in the world on the account of COVID alone).

And things are only bound to get worse. “Is America on the brink of a Second Civil War?” asks, and answers:  “Experts fear the US election could be the ‘match’… regardless of who wins.” This does not sound good. The article itself, however, proves that the social media badly needs a sarcasm font – or that the mainstream media needs people who are better qualified to detect it. After noting that shops in many large cities are boarding up their storefronts in expectation of the Election Day troubles, the article goes on to say:


David, of course, is a conservative writer and his tweet was very much tongue in cheek. While many on the left seem to be having wet dreams about “fascist violence” in America, which in turn allows them to cosplay as brave freedom fighters, no rational person is actually expecting that “roaming gangs of Proud Boys” or “QAnon conspiracy theorists” will rampage through the streets on or after 3 November, looting stores and setting fire to buildings. Shop owners in dead-blue cities like Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco certainly are not boarding up in fear of pro-Trump supporters. There are hardly any Trump supporters in those places to start with, and in any case, they’re not the risk. As the article itself points out, the damage from this year’s BLM/Antifa “overwhelmingly peaceful” protests has already topped $2 billion (God help us if protests ever turn slightly less peaceful), and if you have been watching the events unfolding from Portland to Manhattan, Trump supporters, including “militias”, have been responsible for exactly $0 of that $2 billion. The looting, arson, vandalism, general damage and loss have been the exclusive domain of the left-wing protesters and any opportunists attracted to the mayhem. Same with virtually all the violence, which as the article again records, has already cost 30 lives, and of course, countless injuries and arrests.

Take just about any scenario about the election and you can see pretty clearly where the violence will come from.

Majority of Democrats do not believe that Trump can win legitimately. Already convinced that Trump is another Hitler, and fed on a steady diet of opinion polls suggesting a Biden landslide, in a however unlikely event that Trump does win, Democrats will explain it by a combination of electoral fraud, voter suppression and foreign interference. In other words, he did not really win. This will be the case if Trump wins the popular vote but perhaps even more so if, like in 2016, wins the electoral college (and therefore the election) but not the popular vote. So expect mass protests – and violence – from the left, rallying against the illegitimate result. Additional risk of bloodshed lies in Trump supporters celebrating the victory being attacked by those who deny such victory.

If Trump loses, narrowly, but challenges the result in the courts, alleging mass fraud and irregularities by the left, likewise expect protests and violence by those seeking to ensure he leaves office and does not try to “steal the election”, like George W Bush had supposedly done in 2000. This is one reason why the left tried to keep Amy Coney Barrett from being appointed to RBG’s vacancy – it represents a potential turnaround of two votes for Trump in any Supreme Court challenge.

Lastly, if Trump loses by a landslide as the polls indicate (that is convincingly enough to negate any arguments about Democrat fraud having played a decisive role) and he accepts the result, there is more than a fair chance that “celebratory” rioting will still take place, as “The Resistance” rejoices in the downfall of the tyrant. This also provides an opportunity to seek revenge on anything and anyone ever remotely associated with the “Trump regime”, akin to the post-liberation wild reckoning with Nazi collaborators in 1945, except for the dearth of any such institutions (Fox HQ excepted) and/or difficulty locating individuals to harass. Antifa, with its anarchist/communist philosophy, of course is just as likely to attack any number of random targets (government offices, law enforcement, banks, shops, churches), which to them represent the oppressive capitalist superstructure, even if preciously few could be considered supportive in any meaningful way of the President.

To sum it up: if you have magically managed to find yourself in the United States, despite all the travel restrictions and warnings, or – much more likely – you are a native, by all means, take care over the weeks ahead. But don’t kid yourself that the danger to your life, health, well-being and property comes from the Trump side of things. If unfortunately you fall victim post-November 3, overwhelmingly this will have nothing to do with QAnon or Proud Boys, much less Mums for Trump or an average dude (and dudette) in a MAGA hat.