The Daily Chrenk’s Person of the Year: You, You Poor Fucker


The venerable (yes, I’m joking) “Time” magazine has just named their Person of the Year:

Yes, it’s the monster with two heads, Biden-Harris. One half of the Person of the Year is a dementia patient who within the next few years will be replaced as President, the only question remaining is whether it will be on the account of his mental and physical decline or scandals swirling around his family; the other half is the replacer, expressly selected on the basis of her talent and charisma, I mean her gender and skin colour, otherwise so unpopular that she did not even manage to crack double digits during the primary in her own state. Their achievement is saving “Time” from ever having to put Donald Trump on the cover again. Whether that has been accomplished fair and square, because Trump was so unpopular that people would have voted for a cardboard cutout over the incumbent (which they did), or whether through fraudulent means, as the overwhelming majority of Republicans and even some Democrats believe, it’s now for God and history to judge (since the Supreme Court is extremely unlikely to overturn the election). “Changing America’s Story” – their ostensible claim to the title – translates to bringing about the third Obama term, but without any charisma or energy of the man himself, to be succeeded at some point through it with God knows what, because the VP who sucked her way to the top – on the one hand a mass incarcerator of black men, on the other hand the possessor of the “most liberal” voting record in the current Senate – remains a riddle, wrapped in a mystery of identity politics, inside an enigma of the leftward drift of the Democratic Party.

That in a year as tumultuous as 2020, the Person of the Year was given to two Swamp creatures nicely illustrates how insular and self-centered the world of the elite is and how much the mainstream media, which more often than not speaks power to the truth, is now an integral part of the left-wing political-cultural complex.

Here, at The Daily Chrenk, on the other hand, we choose to recognise the reality than in a time of unprecedented (since the inter-war years) global pandemic, economic crisis and political upheaval, the person of the year is you. And everyone else. Those who got sick and died, and those who got sick and survived. Those whose lives have been turned upside down as a result of governments grappling with ways to confront and contain the virus. Those on the front lines, and those in the lock downs. Those who have worked 20-hour days and those who could not work at all. The essential and the non-essential. The silently suffering and the publicly angry. The exhausted, the depressed, the unsung, and the persevering. Except those of you who bought out and hoarded all the toilet paper. Honestly…

One feels almost guilty trying to single out any particular groups and sections of the community, but special times require special recognition:

  • The first responders and the essential workers, battling the plague head-on and making sure that our societies continue to function as well as they can under extraordinary circumstances: doctors, nurses, transport and logistics people, farmers and food suppliers, law enforcement, and many many others, unglamorous, overworked and often overlooked but absolutely crucial
  • Medical researchers around the world trying to find a treatment, a cure or a vaccine
  • Small business people, self-employed, all those without government wages or secure jobs, struggling to support their families and their communities, countless now driven to the wall, their livelihoods destroyed by quarantines, lock-downs, curfews, closed borders, social distancing and other state measures of public health – or burned out and looted during “mostly peaceful” protests – all with the added scorn and opprobrium from those who don’t have to worry about their next pay-check, and confident in their virtue

Not all of us have made it to the end of 2020; many only barely, most struggling. And the future remains uncertain. Biden-Harris have nothing on you, literally. While the establishment continues to congratulate themselves and back slap on the empire striking back, to the rest of you, you continue being better than your betters. Godspeed and thank you.

Photo by Slim Emcee on Unsplash