Break in transmission


To all my regular and irregular readers, apologies for this extended period of radio silence.

No, I have not been arrested for participating in the Capitol Hill invasion. I have not been conferring with Q at an undisclosed location. I have not been greatly reset by the Davos crowd. I have not had a crisis of political faith. I have not been banned from social media – though it would save me a lot of time if I was. I did not manage to locate and dig out the lost treasure of the Templars and become fabulously wealthy. Lastly, and I can’t stress it hard enough, I did not find any new information that might lead to Hillary Clinton’s arrest.

I have merely been taking a short break from blogging (which is a rather more neutral-sounding and innocuous way of saying I have been feeling lazy and uninspired), combined with a rather big (real) work project with an impending deadline.

Rest assured that the normal service will resume soon – as soon as I can get angry enough about something to start “chrenking off” again.