Prodigal blogger returns


Apologies for the longest online absence yet, inadvertently turning The Daily Chrenk into The Fortnightly Chrenk. I have spent the past two weeks both getting old as well as contemplating getting old. Having missed my birthday last year – well, not the day itself, just the celebrations part – due to the Chinese Communist Virus pandemic, this year I got twice the bang for the buck. Coincidentally, I also got twice the usual number of guests, who nevertheless still got the usual amount of food. I feel less ashamed when I think of it as an important lesson for my friends about the reality food shortages under planned economy. Meanwhile you, my dear reader, have gotten even less sustenance from me than my birthday guests, and if you fall into both categories, as a few of you do, you really got screwed in the past fourteen days. I can’t turn back time, but I promise to do better. I will dismantle the writelessness and structural silencism over the next few days, until, that is, I have to take another few days’ break to attend a wedding interstate. No, it won’t be mine, and fortunately I won’t be in charge of catering either. As always, if you think there is a topic or story I could make at least a semi-legible contribution, don’t hesitate to message me through the Facebook TDC page or on a_chrenkoff “at” hotmail “dot” com.

Alternative cover image (you might or might not be missing him, but I know you have certainly missed me. I missed myself too):