What if you staged a provocation and nobody came? A comedy in four acts


Hard lessons of January 6 have been learned and the September 18 rally at the US Capitol, ostensibly in the cause of those still held without charge for their Congressional trespass,  was a fizzer, with more journalists than attendees present. Even the original 1/6-type idiots, who got themselves played into participating in the Democrats’ Reichstag fire and so provided the left with an unparalleled opportunity to ever since hyperventilate about insurrections and coups, not to mention an excuse to portray the right as political extremists and domestic terrorists, now stayed away. Everyone else, even an ounce smarter than these patriot cosplayers, knew that yesterday’s rally was a likely set-up from the start, with the left hoping and praying for more politically damaging footage of flag-waving MAGA types rioting and clashing with the police.

Act I

The  police and the press arrive:

Act II

No one else does:


…Except for the FBI (speaking of the FBI).

Particular mirth was generated by the photo of what suspiciously looks like half a dozen clean-cut young Fed types desperately trying but failing to fit in with the… I was going to write “crowd”, but since there was no crowd, I should perhaps say “an expected crowd”:

Somebody did:


Mind you, one arrest was almost made – by the Feds of another Fed:

Act IV

The police leave, mission accomplished:

As for the FBI, who seem to be much better at trying to unseat a President or help stage political crimes than, say, dealing with high profile sexual abuse, I guess better luck next time.