The Monthly Chrenk


I know, I know, I’m sorry. On the oft-chance you have been popping in since late October to check in on any new musings and ravings, you would have been disappointed, perhaps even slightly concerned (thank you to one fan who had indeed contacted me half way through the hiatus to check on whether I was OK).

The reasons for the lack of blogging are prosaic: laziness, or perhaps more charitably a blogger’s block, followed by technical issue that popped up as a result of the migration of my Internet from ADSL to NBN, followed by more laziness/blogger’s block.

I certainly envy other commentators – albeit many of them professionally so – their persistence and the ability to write all the time about everything. There are certainly outrages aplenty out there to have one going. But an amateur like me gets tired. Particularly since I seem to be saying a few things over and over: communism is bad, CRT is Marxism, China is not a friend, the left is the new establishment. There are only so many different ways to say it and there are only so many times you can read it before your eyes glaze over.

There are some among you who have chanced upon The Daily Chrenk through being republished on the Spectator Australia’s Flat White blog. Its editor, Christian Kerr, passed away last week, unexpectedly and way too young. A few weeks before, we were chatting on email and I was apologising for not having provided him with a copy for a while. ‘You’re not the only one demotivated about writing,’ Christian wrote back. ‘The standard of current debate is pure “ugh”.’ I will miss him. I hope he is in a happier place, where there are no political debates at all.

The rest of us are not there yet and we have to go on. I wish I could say that the normal blogging will now resume, if not daily then at least weekly, as it had been before. But no promises. Love you all, though.