Night Trains

What would you do if you suddenly started seeing lights, people and trains that aren’t supposed to be there?
What would you do if you were given a chance to help right the greatest wrong of the last century?
What would you do if the price of the train ticket was your sanity, your life, or even your soul?

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“Really enjoying it… Terrific – unusual, compelling, persuasive.”

Ian Rankin, Britain’s number 1 bestselling crime writer and “New York Times” bestselling author

“Just finished Night Trains and my mind is reeling. What a marvellous and powerful book. I’m still turning things over, rereading the beginning and seeing where it will lead me. [Chrenkoff has] created something wonderful and unique… [The] material is so highly charged and evocative, and the characters so keyed to eternity… I think it will stay with readers long after they set it down.”

Robert Ferrigno, author of the bestselling “Assassin” trilogy

“A clever, assured, seriously-authentic, elegantly written… and altogether more enjoyable than Martin Amis’s novel of the same title… [Chrenkoff is] a natural novelist and storyteller. This is only the beginning…”

Phil Rickman, author of the bestselling Merrily Watkins mysteries

“Tense, witty, frightening and complex, Night Trains is both a gripping, edge-of-your-seat supernatural thriller and a haunting, intelligent exploration of reality, and how the past can continue not only to disturb but shape the future. Starting in a shared flat in a typical Australian city in an unremarkable present, it begins to shade first into the terrifying landscape of nightmare and madness, and then into the even greater terror of wartime Poland. Though it has the disturbance-of reality quality of an M.R. James or a Stephen King, Night Trains is startlingly original in its substance and its impact. And Arthur Chrenkoff has managed to pack more incident, character, and meaning into his short, punchy yet luxuriously vivid and sensual novella than many writers manage in twice the length. It is, quite simply, an unforgettable novel, with remarkable filmic qualities.”

Sophie Masson, author of “Forest of Dreams” and the “Trinity” duology