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No sexy Halloween Handmaid for you

You all know of course by now that you can’t appropriate other cultures’ artefacts, but did you know you also can’t appropriate wokeness? It turns out maybe oppression isn’t sexy …


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What do metalheads and Papuans have in common?

A lot apparently, according to an anthropologist: Heavy metal fans have evolved to communicate with each other like remote tribes in Papua New Guinea, a study by anthropologists has found. …

Christian Devil’s Music

Equality of nudity


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Can you draw as well as the oldest humans?

The oldest yet drawing by a modern human has been discovered in South Africa and it’s more than 30,000 years older than the previous oldest ones in Spain and Indonesia: …

The Polish Enigma


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20 best books I’ve read in 2017

I read. Too much. In fact, my New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to read less, and instead fill that time with some more profitable pursuits, like making some profits …

The best books in 2016

The Joy of Sex* (and Books)


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Pssssst, would you like to buy Eiffel Tower?

One learns something every day, even if it’s not always (or even often) anything useful. Today I have learned that in France there seems to be a difference between licit …


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Aussie breasts spoil German Octoberfest

Is it still cultural appropriation when the Anglos do it to the Krauts? Oktoberfest, the weekslong German celebration dating back to the 1800s is known for beer, traditional Bavarian food …